ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software includes strategic and powerful business process management tools that can be used to organize information within your business. Although, nowadays,organizations perform differently, they all face common challenges. To remain competitive in the business circumstances, you need independent and efficient ways to reserve and access information.

Therefore, the ERP system plays an important role in this situation. An ERP system integrates all aspects of the business into a comprehensive information system that can be accessed by individuals throughout the organization.

ERP service from NAL VIETNAM

Leverage ERP solutions to contribute innovation to your business

Our company specializes in implementing SAP/Odoo solutions and developing add-ons to support ERP system implementation. We propose solutions in different stages, such as consulting, customization, design, development, maintenance and commissioning.

Why should use SAP Business One

#1 Sell ERP Solution to Customers

It is the global best-selling ERP software deployed by the largest number of customers among SAP products. It is an all-in-one package software that covers many business areas such as sales, purchasing, accounting, manufacturing and CRM.

  • Integrated, real-time: By linking all operations in real time, overall optimal management decisions can be made.
  • Global support: Supports 28 languages, can be used in 170 countries (tax systems in 50 countries), supports commercial operations
  • Installed by more than 7000 companies and used by more than 1 million users
    300 development partners, providing 500+ business solutions

Why ODoo

ERP solution that can streamline operations in small and medium-sized companies

ERP solutions can streamline operations in small and medium companies
Odoo is an ERP system that can collectively manage all kinds of core operations such as accounting management, customer management, and production management. Since you can add the necessary functionality, you can build an ERP system that is right for your company.

  • Flexibility: only one system for the entire enterprise, flexible response to cover specific requirements
  • Interface: simple and easy-to-use interface, easy to use for all classes of users
  • Total cost of ownership: 30% to 50% less investment compared to traditional ERP solutions
  • Customizable: Extremely powerful and customizable for even the most specific and complex needs