Instead of relying on longtime employees for job training, the video management Distribution System transforms the educational content/work instructions/company rules into videos that employees can watch. Actually educating and reducing time, work can be standardized by improving accuracy, video becomes a long-term company investment.

Scope of work

  • Understand the issues (specification adjustment, technical survey)
  • Complete requirements (system design, infrastructure design)
  • Web development (video processing)
  • Application development
  • Integration (run test)
  • Release (test run)

Development period
15 months

Achievements after release

  • Effective training time is shortened
  • Standardized by improving process accuracy
  • Video becomes a long-term company investment.

Referral context / Client's problem

  • Reliance on veteran staff for education
    ・ New employee education is assigned to veteran employees
    ・It takes time to teach the same thing every year
    ・ Becomes a burden on both the teaching side and the taught side.
  • Lack of internal standardization
    ・The acquisition of knowledge depends on the individual, so the quality is different for each individual
    ・Employees’ career paths are not standardized
  • Company assets are not protected
    ・Intellectual property will be lost due to employee retirement

Our solution

  • Animating educational content/guidelines/company rules and making them company assets
  • Standardize work accuracy, easy control, work efficiency, save time

Function list

  • Video management
  • Video distribution
  • Video commentary
  • Edit video
  • Recommend Videos
  • Video ratings
  • Channel management
  • Manage lists
  • Personal analysis
  • Manage personal lists
  • User management
  • Manage privileges
  • React/Angular
    Interpretation of React/Angular UI’s pseudo-library DOM be great. It is able to eliminate unnecessary rendering at high speed with SPA
  • Laravel
    PHP is a very flexible language with a simple syntax, rare limitations and uncomplicated to develop, maintain in the future
  • PHP
    It is the most accustomed framework for Laravel PHP and easy to develop because there are many plug-ins required for development, and it is easy to maintain in the future because of the small amount of description.
  • MySQL
    As the world’s most popular open source database, providing high performance, high reliability and ease of use.