Over the years, we have developed DX solutions such as digital workplaces, digital assistants, RPA tools and work style innovators for our own multiple IPs. . Using that experience-based DX realization know-how, we provide detailed advice on DX technical support services and business transformation support services.

List of DX Solutions for In-house Products

ChatOps Digital Workplace

It aims to accelerate DX methods by allowing people and systems to terse work together at scale, creating digital workspaces in organizations.
ChatOps is a platform that promotes a seamless collaboration environment by deeply embedding machine learning and enhanced automation.
With a single interface, you can connect and integrate multiple applications from different software systems in your organization via API/RPA, helping them run efficiently.

Digital assistant Aicobot

Aicobot Digital Assistant is a solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide pre-made templates and deliver a chat experience to employees in your organization through text, chat interfaces. and voice.

Aicobot is an AI service that provides pre-made chat patterns and skills to provide a person-to-person chat experience with enterprise software systems via a text interface. Aicobot also allows businesses to develop their own library of templates and create their own custom skills to automate business operations in the digital age.

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Appflow | Low-code solution

Exploring Appflow’s intuitive low-code-based application development that’s perfect for connecting hardware devices, APIs, and online services, initiating automated workflows.

With AppFlow automates bi-directional data flows between applications in just a few clicks. Run the data flows at the frequency you choose, whether on a schedule, in response to a business event, or on demand.

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The product has won many IT awards.

  • Sao Khue Award 2020 Excellent AI Solution
  • Top 10 AI/iOT companies in 2020
  • Top 10 National Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Viet Solutions 2021