Over the years, we have developed DX solutions such as digital workplaces, digital assistants, RPA tools and work style innovators for our own multiple IPs. . Using that experience-based DX realization know-how, we provide detailed advice on DX technical support services and business transformation support services.

List of DX Solutions for In-house Products

ChatOps Digital Workplace

It aims to accelerate DX methods by allowing people and systems to terse work together at scale, creating digital workspaces in organizations.
ChatOps is a platform that promotes a seamless collaboration environment by deeply embedding machine learning and enhanced automation.
With a single interface, you can connect and integrate multiple applications from different software systems in your organization via API/RPA, helping them run efficiently.

Digital assistant Aicobot

Aicobot Digital Assistant is a solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide pre-made templates and deliver a chat experience to employees in your organization through text, chat interfaces. and voice.

Aicobot is an AI service that provides pre-made chat patterns and skills to provide a person-to-person chat experience with enterprise software systems via a text interface. Aicobot also allows businesses to develop their own library of templates and create their own custom skills to automate business operations in the digital age.

The product has won many IT awards.

  • Sao Khue Award 2020 Excellent AI Solution
  • Top 10 AI/iOT companies in 2020
  • Top 10 National Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Viet Solutions 2021
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