DX Offshore, DX Solutions

We shape Digital Transformation for Your Inspiration and Business Growth.
Our goal is to become the number one company in the field of digital transformation with the motto “turn clients into business partners”.


We aim to become Vietnam’s TOP digital transformation (DX) promoting company in 2030.



We maximize the potential of people and businesses around the world in the digital age.

Learning Organization Culture

Chase personal and organizational growth by learning individually, as a team, and as an association.

Improve the ability of everyone in the organization to realize and solve problems, experiment, change, and enhance, thereby expanding, learning, and achieving goals.

Amoeba Management

Kyocera philosophy Divide a extensive organization into sub-groups that operate on a self-supporting basis, assign a leader for each small group, and execute the company under general management.

Kyocera philosophy The power of NAL is created by leadership with full participation and advanced motivation through “Amoeba Management”.

Kyocera Philosophy

Building action approach and culture of NAL based on Kyocera Philosophy.

This philosophy will be applied in our assignment and daily lives, and our tireless steps to put it into practice will lift our spirits and improve our personality.

Agile Team Management

Agile components must have the entrepreneurial temperament to attempt new things or have such a character.

Great Agile teams actively challenge the status quo, leave aged ways of accomplishing something, and only follow their vision.

Attracting, nurturing and creating the best talent for enterprises is our goal

– Pham Manh Lan (Co-Founder) –



Le Hoang Nam

Representative director and co-founder

Pham Manh Lan

Chairman and co-founder

Nguyen Tuan Anh

Director and co-founder

Ong Ich Nguyen