CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. Companies that provide products and services create close relationships of trust with their customers, and engage in activities that turn those customers into repeat customers, who then become fans. It is a comprehensive management method that aims to improve the mutual benefits of customers and companies.

SFA is an abbreviation for Sales Force Automation, which refers to sales support tools and sales support systems. Specifically, it refers to a system that can automate information and business processes in a company’s sales department, converting all information managed by sales activities into data, storing and analyzing it.

MA is an abbreviation for Marketing Automation. MA tools are tools that manage, automate, and streamline a series of marketing measures for acquiring new customers. In addition to managing and scoring potential customers, automatically distributing content based on potential customer attributes, it also supports access analysis of websites, blogs, etc.

CRM/ SFA service from NAL VIETNAM

Utilize CRM/SFA systems to reliably acquire new customers and expand sales

Our company provide support for CRM/SFA systems from the implementation of Salesforce/ ZohoCRM/ HubSpot tools. Contribute to operational efficiency by managing and sharing customer information and sales processes. Management can grasp the work progress of each salesperson and customer trends at any time.

Why Salesforce

Supporting the efficiency of all company operations such as sales, service, marketing, and IT

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that helps you close more deals and deliver service experiences beyond your imagination. With a variety of products, you can reduce costs and improve work efficiency.

  • Sales: By utilizing Sales Cloud, the world’s No. 1 CRM platform, you can maximize sales and realize new ways of working, regardless of time or location.
  • Compatible with small and medium-sized enterprises: Strengthen sales capabilities using AI and provide customer support with the same app
  • Service: Improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Product: Salesforce improves and streamlines all operations, including sales, customer service, and marketing.

Why Zoho CRM

Customer management and sales support system chosen for its cost performance

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based customer management (CRM) system that centrally manages the business core that leads to business profits, from acquiring prospects to negotiating deals, accepting orders, and building relationships with existing customers.

  • Achieve overwhelming performance while reducing costs by up to 80%
  • Equipped with a wealth of advanced features while also being easy to use
  • Excellent customizability is the key to CRM/SFA success
  • High security ensuring safe management of customer data and company information
  • Expandability is limitless! Achieving DX that truly increases sales and productivity


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software includes strategic and powerful business process management tools that can be used to organize information within your business. Although, nowadays,organizations perform differently, they all face common challenges. To remain competitive in the business circumstances, you need independent and efficient ways to reserve and access information.

Therefore, the ERP system plays an important role in this situation. An ERP system integrates all aspects of the business into a comprehensive information system that can be accessed by individuals throughout the organization.

ERP service from NAL VIETNAM

Leverage ERP solutions to contribute innovation to your business

Our company specializes in implementing SAP/Odoo solutions and developing add-ons to support ERP system implementation. We propose solutions in different stages, such as consulting, customization, design, development, maintenance and commissioning.

Why should use SAP Business One

#1 Sell ERP Solution to Customers

It is the global best-selling ERP software deployed by the largest number of customers among SAP products. It is an all-in-one package software that covers many business areas such as sales, purchasing, accounting, manufacturing and CRM.

  • Integrated, real-time: By linking all operations in real time, overall optimal management decisions can be made.
  • Global support: Supports 28 languages, can be used in 170 countries (tax systems in 50 countries), supports commercial operations
  • Installed by more than 7000 companies and used by more than 1 million users
    300 development partners, providing 500+ business solutions

Why ODoo

ERP solution that can streamline operations in small and medium-sized companies

ERP solutions can streamline operations in small and medium companies
Odoo is an ERP system that can collectively manage all kinds of core operations such as accounting management, customer management, and production management. Since you can add the necessary functionality, you can build an ERP system that is right for your company.

  • Flexibility: only one system for the entire enterprise, flexible response to cover specific requirements
  • Interface: simple and easy-to-use interface, easy to use for all classes of users
  • Total cost of ownership: 30% to 50% less investment compared to traditional ERP solutions
  • Customizable: Extremely powerful and customizable for even the most specific and complex needs