Linux and postgresql (OSS) consulting is unrestricted software whose source code can be freely modified and redistributed. Well-known OSS includes Java, PHP and Python. In current years, there are many subjects where IT involved retailers, and open source software plays an important role in software development.

Linux and postgresql (OSS) consulting has become the choice of businesses looking to modernize, move to a cloud-based environment, and get rid of aging hardware and software. However, it is also true that many enterprises have problems.

Open source software introduction support service provided by NAL VIETNAM

Discover the benefits and power of OSS

NAL VIETNAM provides support services to introduce OSS for 4 types of OSS to solve problems when using OSS and to help customers make good use of OSS with know-how accumulated over many years of experience.

  • Parcel
  • Consulting
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

App Stack

A pack or set of application programs that help execute specific tasks. These applications are closely related and you can export or import data between them with tiniest steps. Many office applications include word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and email utilities in a single app stack.

Data Platform

A data platform is a comprehensive solution for ingesting, processing, analyzing, and presenting data generated by today’s digital enterprise systems, processes, and infrastructure.

Platform Components


DevSecOps stands for development, security and operations and refers to the integration of security in all phases of the software development lifecycle (from initial design to integration, testing, deployment) and distribution of automation software). By automating secure software delivery without slowing down the software development cycle, we fulfill the DevSecOps mantra of ‘safer and faster software’.

  • Fast and cost-effective software delivery
  • Proactive security improvements
  • Accelerate patching of security holes
  • Automation compatible with the latest developments
  • Iterative and adaptive process