With over 10+ years of development experience, gained knowledge, and tech expertise, we can work along with you to create game-changing digital products. Our development team has fine-tuned their software development services & SDLC process in order to build solutions that are precisely in line with your needs, market conditions, and an excellent price-quality ratio.

We specialize in providing a full-cycle software development service for deploying new enterprise solutions, digital transformation, digital product development, from IT consulting to software development and system operations. By listening to your company’s needs and recommending the optimal combination of services, we comprehensively support everything from business establishment to service growth.

OSDC - Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated software development team will assist you with solving the most demanding business tasks that require unique skill & experience.

Business Solutions (CRM/SFA/MA Systems)

Deployment support CRM/ SFA system implementation specializing in add-on development from implementing Salesforce/ ZohoCRM/ HubSpot solutions

Linux and PostgreSQL (OSS) Consulting

Provide installation, maintenance and support services for open source software (OSS)

Digital Transformation (DX) Solutions

Deployment of DX solutions through the development of many in-house products “SALD”, “ChatOps”, “Aicobot” and “Appflow” over the years.