Top 10 IT companies in Vietnam
Over 10 years experience, more than 200 dedicated employees in Ha Noi (300 in Da Nang, 30 in Ho Chi Minh, 30 in Tokyo).

NAL is an outsourcing company that has offshore employees in Japan and the Vietnam, specializes in Software Consulting & Development as Dedicated Development Team Services / DX Solutions Implementation / Business Solutions Development / Linux and PostgreSQL Consulting. We provides “DX offshore” that advocates Digital Transformation by co-creating & co-strategize with our clients and using outsource to overcome the limitations of conventional offshore software development. We aim to helping our clients create globally scalable solutions that ensure maximum brand experience and protection.

  • Digitization

System, Web and Mobile Application Development

Building the Amazon Web Service (AWS)/Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Digitalization

Support to deploy CRM / SFA / MA / ERP tool packages and Groupware, Business Chat tools

  • Digital Transformation

Support for digitization and automation of tasks using Chatbot, Digital Assistant, Generative AI, ChatGPT, RPA and No-code/Low-code Programming


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OSDC – Dedicated Development Team

Mid to long term proposals for a dedicated development team to meet customer needs See more

Business Solutions (CRM/SFA/MA Systems)

Deployment support CRM/ SFA/ MA system implementation specializing in add-on development from implementing Salesforce/ ZohoCRM/ HubSpot solutions See more

Linux + PostgreSQL Consulting (OSS)

Provide installation, maintenance and support services for open source (OSS) See more

Digital Transformation (DX) Solutions

Excute of DX solutions through the development of many in-house products “SALD”, “ChatOps”, “Aicobot” and “Appflow” over the years See more

We aim to become the leading digital transformation-driving company in Vietnam.

– NAL –


We are a mature Agile team of experienced Full stack developers, Frontend developers, Backend delelopers, DevOps engineers, Quality engineers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and AWS/GCP certified System Administrators who have worked together for nearly 10 years.

Commitment to Japanese quality and promotion system for quality assurance

We aim to develop a high-quality system that meets the needs and expectations of our customers, and we value and promote each system development on a daily basis. In addition to downstream processes, we also strengthen upstream processes such as consulting and design processes to provide one-stop services.

A promotion system with a deep understanding of Japanese culture and high communication skills

We have a deep understanding of Japanese management philosophy, and Japanese culture and manners are rooted in everything from the founder to the employees. We look in the same direction as you and achieve common goals with you. In addition, many employees, including the management, graduated from prestigious Japanese universities, and are well versed in Japanese culture and smooth communication in Japanese.

Abundant “experience and achievements” in DX solutions and Agile development

We have secured human resources who have a deep understanding of the DX area, provided many platform services that can promote DX. In addition, it is an IT company that first introduced Agile development that is optimal for promoting DX, which requires speed and flexible response. In addition, we have promoted Agile Academy, a TOP1 Agile Transformation and Agile Education business company in Vietnam, and currently we are adopting Agile development in all projects.

“Utilization” of the medium to long-term strategic human resource development ecosystem

Aiming to be a company that values people, we are focusing on strategic human resource development. We have a capital tie-up with CodeGym, which promotes coding bootcamps in Vietnam, so we can build a team of highly skilled Vietnamese engineers with X skills (Digital skills, Agile thinking skills, Interpersonal and communication skills, Global operating skills).

We maximize the potential of people and companies around the world in the digital era!

– NAL –



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